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At World Robot Olympiad, it is our mission to give as many young people all the opportunity to develop their creativity and problem solving skills in a fun and engaging way.
We do this by organizing robotics competitions. Each season we have a new theme and we have challenges that are tailored to the age of the participants. Starting as low as 6 or 7 years old up to University level.
On this website you will find a lot of general information about our competition. You can also find important links on this page.

Season Theme: Climate Squad

This year the WRO theme is Climate Squad. In 2020, your team will act as the climate squad. Teams in the Regular Category will develop robots that will allow us to adapt and help us overcome the increasingly frequent climatic hazards. Open Category teams will create robotic solutions to help overcoming climate challenges.

Games & Rules

Member Countries

World Robot Olympiad is organized in over 75 countries all over the world. Our WRO National Organizers make sure that over 80,000 children and young people world wide can participate in our robotics competitions. Without them, there would be no WRO.

If you are interested in participating in WRO you can check if your country already has a WRO partner and register with them.

Member Countries

Our Different Categories

At WRO we have four different categories. We have two pure robotics challenges: Regular Category and Advanced Robotics Challenge. Our Open Category is a completely different challenge, where teams have to do research and design a robot model that can solve a problem related to the theme of the season. And then there is our WRO Football challenge, a competition with lots of excitement, just as in a real live sports match.

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Our Partners

WRO is proud to be supported by leading technological companies and organizations that share our mission of bringing robotics to as many young people as possible.

We would not be able to organize World Robot Olympiad without our partners, who support us in numerous ways.

Our Partners