The Open Category

The Open Category is a project-based competition. Students create their own intelligent robotics solution relating to the current theme of the season. Teams will present their project and their robot model to a group of judges on the competition day.

The WeDo Open Challenge is designed for younger children. The goal is for each team make an exhibition that shows how automated machinery and robots that can help solve a problem related to the theme of the season. Each team must complete a series of challenge tasks in the process of making this exhibition.

Age Groups

WeDo (up to 10 years old)

Elementary (up to 12 years old)

Junior (13-15 years old)

Senior (16-19 years old)


WeDo: The controllers, motors, and sensors used to assemble the cars/robots must be from the LEGO Education WeDo 1.0/2.0 Core Sets. Any number and combination of controllers, motors, and sensors is allowed. Any LEGO branded non-electrical/non-digital elements can be used in the construction of the car/robot and the environment.

Elementary, Junior & Senior: There is no restriction on the balance between LEGO elements and other materials. There is no restriction on the use of controllers. Teams at WRO International Final have the option to win the LEGO Education creativity award if they mainly use NXT / EV3 (LEGO) controllers.

Software / Remote-Control

WeDo: The car/robot can be controlled by any compatible device or with a remote controller built from WeDo 1.0/2.0 elements. The teams can use any software.

Elementary, Junior & Senior: Free choice of programming language / software.

Maximum Size

All Age Groups: Teams present the idea in a 2m x 2m x 2m booth on the competition day.


A team consists of 1 coach and 2 or 3 team members.

Specific Rules and Regulations

Rules WeDo Open
Rules Open Category