Teams that are planning to use supportive/other controllers and programmable cameras should adhere to the following:

The main controller must be the MyRio, KNR or PRIZM. All decision making, manipulation of sensor data and control must take place on these controllers. Other controllers can be used in a supportive role, but only to provide a means of control to the main controller to drive motors. Supportive controllers can also be used to provide a means of increasing the number of inputs and/or outputs to the main controller. The manipulation of the information sensed by the sensors should take place on the main controller and not on the supportive controller. For programmable cameras it means that camera must provide a image or a video flow to the main controller as so all further image processing will be performed by the MyRio, KNR or PRIZM.
Teams that are using supportive controllers must provide information (access to source code, circuit diagrams, etc.) to the judges to prove that the supportive controllers are only used to drive motors or are used as a device to increase the number of inputs/outputs for use with sensors.