An example in the rules apparently gives some confusion. This explanation says:

“Example: If there are two green smart lights on the field, you need to bring one to AREA 1 and
one to AREA 2. If you bring both to AREA 2, you will only get the points for one smart light.
If there is a black old bulb in AREA 1, you will need to remove that to the Trash Area in order to
place a new green smart light in AREA 1.”

This is just an example!

It does NOT mean that you are obligated to put green, yellow, red or blue bulb into Area 1. You can choose to put any bulb in Area 2, also if there is only one of that color.
It also does NOT mean that you will only get points for that bulb in Area 1 if you succeed in bringing the black bulb to the Trash Area. (You can also just push the black bulb away and still get points for the colored bulb.)
As always: the end result counts: points are given at the end of the attempt, based on the scoring table mentioned in the rules.