In the short-term, WRO Foundation will work to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase the number of teams participating in WRO local and national competitions, resulting in more teams from the US participating in the international final.

  • Increase engagement with major universities, institutions, corporations and foundations, raising the visibility and supporting the growth of WRO throughout the US.

  • WRO Foundation will ensure that more American youth – especially girls and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds – can participate in worldwide robotics competitions. In 2018, 320 teams from 20 states were involved in World Robot Olympiad events. WRO Foundation’s goal is to grow this number to more than 5,000 teams in the next five years.

Moving forward, WRO Foundation will provide the resources necessary for WRO Association to achieve its long-term goals:

  • Establish entrepreneurial competitions, combining robotics with business

  • Grow both geographically (focus on Africa, North America, and Europe) and in diversity (increase participation by girls and members of marginalized communities)

  • Provide enhanced organizational support for developing countries

  • Establish a university partner program, including providing scholarships for WRO participants

  • Develop new competition concepts

  • Establish alumni networks and other affinity groups