Regular Category 2nd Day Challenge

We are introducing a fun new Regular Category competition format: “2nd Day Challenge.” It has been tested at the Friendship Invitational 2019 in Denmark and has been part of the 2019 International Final in Hungary.

The 2nd Day Challenge will mainly test your programming skills. You will get to demonstrate your creativity by solving little surprise challenges.

On Sunday morning, the Judges will explain & show the challenge to you at each game table. You will also get them on paper, with illustrations.

For the 2nd Day Challenge, we will use the same game mat and game elements. We may add a surprise rule.
You do not need to rebuild your robot. (But you can if you really want to…)

  • There will be 3 missions you can do to score points. You can do 1, 2 or 3 missions.
  • Regular Category rules (starting position, size, time of the run, etc.) will still count.
  • You have 3 hours “Test & Attempt Time”. In that time, you can think of a strategy, re-build, re-program, test, and practice as much as you want.
  • If you feel that your robot works, you can call a judge to make an official attempt. The judge will score the robot run and this counts as an official score.
  • Every team has three official attempts to solve the 2nd Day Challenge.

You can do an attempt any time you want, but your first attempt should be done between 10:30, your second attempt before 11:30, and your third attempt before 12:30. (See below.)

We are sure that you will have fun solving this challenge with your team!

Questions & Answers

Q: Do you have examples of a 2nd Day Challenge?

A: We tested this concept for the first time at the WRO Friendship Invitational in summer 2019, in Denmark. In addition, you can find the scoring in our WRO Scoring System:

Download Challenges from Denmark

Q: What if too many teams want to do an attempt at the same time, and the time limit passes?

A: Teams should manage their own time. 1st mission needs to be done before 10:30, the 2nd one before 11:30, and the last one before 12:30. Every team that has called a judge before these particular times (10:30/11:30/12:30) will be allowed to do their official attempts. In this situation, the competition will be stopped until all teams have finalized their attempts.

Q: How will the final ranking for Regular be calculated?

A: The final ranking order for Regular Category will be determined as follows:

  • Sum of points from best run from Day 1 and best run from 2nd Day Challenge
  • Sum of time from best run from Day 1 and best run from 2nd Day Challenge
  • Points of best run from 2nd Day Challenge
  • Time of best run from 2nd Day Challenge
  • Points of 2 best runs from Day 1
  • Time of 2 best runs from Day 1
  • Points of 2 best runs from 2nd Day Challenge
  • Time of 2 best runs from 2nd Day Challenge
  • After that, teams are ranked the same place.